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Green Moving

Fresno Moving & Storage believes in making a commitment to keeping our environment healthy for future generations.

  • Warehouse space utilizes skylights as primary source of lighting year round.
  • Green packaging (reusable, recyclable and biodegradable) is used when possible, creating less damage to the environment.
  • Several tons of cardboard are reused or recycled annually.
  • Optimization of vehicle routing is critical to maximize fuel efficiency and conserve energy.
  • Consolidation of shipments is achieved through logistics.
  • Maximization of trips and optimization of manpower and machinery.
  • Compact Fluorescent Tube/Lamp (CFT/CFL) lighting is used throughout our offices and warehouses.
  • Customer documentation is sent via electronic mail when available.

Caring for our environment is an on-going process and Fresno Moving & Storage is dedicated to continuing to expand our efforts.

Contact us and we will share additional eco-friendly moving ideas.

Fresno Moving & Storage

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